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There was a substantial gap in making them feel comfortable from the moment they arrived in the UK until they settled down. Fueled by our passion, we put our foot forward to assist every student in their journey. Our commitment ranged from comforting families to offering accommodation, airport pickups, and guidance for every challenge they encounter.

Make100 purchases with one loyalty card. Our unique metallic designed card which can be easily added to Apple or Google wallet will have the unique 1D (dimensional) barcode encrypted with data related to offers and discounts from different local businesses and shopping platforms according to their defined margin levels.  

Our single card allows easy usage and claim discounts for products and services as low as £1 in grocery stores, saloons, dessert shops, bars, restaurants and many more businesses.    

Savings on every purchase or product will lead our clients to use secure smart cards and will make them fall back on using our card for purchases on a regular basis. This card’s sole purpose is to leverage high sales to all the local business owners and provide them with great reach.  

With the reward points you get on the purchases you make look forward to getting redeemed for something beautiful, book flight tickets through our platform and redeem your points to travel home happily at a discounted price upto 20% once a year, a special price only for the members of the community. 

Our strategic approach involves forming partnerships with selected airline companies that provide service to popular destinations. Our primary focus is on increasing the sales of these partner airlines. For instance, when a group of 10 individuals is booking tickets and half of them opt to utilize our secure smart card for their transactions, they are more likely to choose our partnered airline to redeem points on purchase. This not only boosts the sales for the airline but also extends the reach of the partnered company. Furthermore, every ticket transaction made using our secure smart card results in significant ticket commissions, whether directly from the airline or the ticketing service company. This aspect not only enhances profitability but also represents a crucial aspect of scalability within our overall business plan. 


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