Moving Abroad?
We can help.

Discover the convenient ways to make your life hassle free. With 100% personal guidance, make every single step worthwhile with Secure Steps.

Moving Abroad?
We can help.

Discover the convenient ways to make your life hassle free. With 100% personal guidance, make every single step worthwhile with Secure Steps.

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Simplifying university admits - You are one click away to choose your dream university, Securely upload documents, shortlist universities, apply and track applications, get your unconditional offer.

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Admissions through our product ‘UniSelect’ is the most seamless and efficient way of getting the right choice of your university ensuring a successful career path. Upload all documents in our secure portal ‘DocuLink’ and make one application to your preferred universities by a single click.

Housing Connect


Remember, "Your comfort is our commitment - affordable accommodations tailored to your happiness."

Housing Connect

Affordable private housing options filtered to your budget and requirements. Our product ‘housingconnect’ promises you a house after a scheduled viewing and now with your choice of flatmates you have a home right after you enter the UK

Part-time Jobs


Discover the first step to earning money, seek clarity and network. embrace the fun of part-time jobs!

Expense Ease

A new era of part time opportunities to support you financially along with providing immense value to your skill sets. Register your interests, go through a screening process and start booking shifts. Explore now to find a job in a simplified way.

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About us

Wanna know how the founders guarantee a safe and secure journey abroad? Sandeep and Shreshta, both hailing from humble small-town backgrounds, embarked on a life-changing journey that would shape their futures. They moved abroad to pursue their Master’s degrees in London, navigating the complex and often daunting admissions process. This experience opened their eyes to the numerous challenges faced by students like them, and it sparked a shared vision to make a difference.

Determined to create a meaningful impact, they founded Secure Steps, a platform designed to offer a seamless experience for students from initial counselling to settling down in a new country.These personal experiences fueled their passion for creating Secure Steps. They dedicated themselves to building a comprehensive support system for students. They invested in certifications and training, lived abroad to understand global markets, and developed resources to simplify the higher education journey.

At Secure Steps, we work closely with our clients, understand their unique needs and ensuring their journey is fulfilling financially, mentally, and emotionally. 

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I had the pleasure of working with Secure Steps in securing a home in Manchester. From the outset, they not only helped me find the perfect home but also guided me through every step of the process with remarkable expertise and dedication. Their professionalism, knowledge, and genuine care made the entire experience smooth and stress-free. I highly recommend Secure Steps Ltd services to anyone seeking a home anywhere in the UK. Thank you for your exceptional support!
Sneha Suresh
WhatsApp Image 2023-11-10 at 2.48.22 PM
I had a fantastic experience with secure steps. I stayed at my friend's house during my initial days because I couldn't find an accommodation in London. I had insisted that I needed a place to stay immediately. They set up a few viewings and finalised on a beautiful 2 bed apartment in Oxford Street within a week's time. I can't thank them enough for making the entire process stress free for me !!
WhatsApp Image 2023-11-10 at 2.50.19 PM
My journey to move to the UK was a rollercoaster ride, to say the least. Thanks to Secure Steps, every bump on the road was easy to overcome. They alleviated all my travel anxieties and helped me settle down without any hassle. Whether the issue was big or small, they were always there to guide me. From admission to housing, opening bank accounts to being a source of emotional support, I could always rely on them. Secure Steps not only provided exceptional assistance, but their professionalism and dedication were truly commendable.
Anjali Reddy
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Successful career path in one place. Choose the right universities from our uni select platform, Make an application, unconditional offer. Visa guidance.
Your new home
Affordability is your takeaway. Let us know your budget needs and with our thoughtful filtration, find out properties and your flatmates and seek 100% approval to let. Receive keys with your first step in the country you wish to move.
Part time
Experiences defines your life. Watch our detailed video guide, pick your area of interest from our advertised part time localities, sign up for a quick screening, gear up to fill your pockets, sometimes a life changing experience.
Life Abroad
Personality development shapes you as a person. Register with our renowned services to up-skill as a person in various domains, build connections with like minded individuals from our community and buy from our partnered brands to save money. Grow Financially, mentally and physically.

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